The Friends of The Australian Ballet will celebrate its 50th Anniversary on July 19th 2023 and are looking for a Volunteer Archivist to assist with preparations to celebrate this momentous milestone. As the Volunteer Archivist, you will work on the assessment, documentation and preparation of materials related to FAB’s history, with the aim of creating a written history of FAB.

You will have some existing experience in archival practices or in some other allied experience, such as tertiary education, that is aligned to this position.

The Volunteer Archivist will collect oral accounts from past and current members, as well as locating material from the Friends office and other sources. This position is a great opportunity for a candidate who enjoys first-hand research, is experienced with recording and documenting oral accounts, and is interested in creating a lasting record for The Friends.

This position is voluntary and reports to The Friends staff, Katie Fraser the Events and Marketing Coordinator and Amy Hill the Administration Coordinator. The position will be largely self-directed but supported and guided by the two staff and members of The Friends Management Committee. The role is flexible in terms of hours required, but the candidate would be required to attend The Friends office at least once a month to liaise with the staff.

Friends of The Australian Ballet is committed to the quality of the volunteer and internship programs we offer. The successful candidate will be provided with genuine learning and development opportunities.

This position will support the Events and Marketing Coordinator and the Administration Manager, and liaise with members of the FAB Council and Events and Marketing Committee to create and deliver a documented history of FAB. The nature of the responsibilities and duties will vary but will include:

  • Conducting interviews with past and current FAB members;
  • Locating and sorting historical documents;
  • Conducting in-depth research, with both first and second hand sources;
  • Assisting with administration, documentation and cataloguing, processing, storage, movement and transport of objects, and creating and maintaining records;
  • Creating collection management database records, and arrange and describe archival materials.
  • Assisting with ensuring the safety, security, location control and maintenance of archives and objects in storage.
  • Ensuring adherence to a high level of archival management practice and procedures and a culture of optimal external and internal customer service.

The following skills and knowledge need to demonstrated:

  1. Specialist Knowledge and Skills
    • Sound knowledge and experience in archival management including the arrangement and description of archival materials;
    • Experience gathering and collating material from a range of different resources, including first hand accounts;
    • Strong IT skills and experience working with collection management databases;
    • Experience in the handling, packing, transport and storage of all types of archives materials;
    • Demonstrated understanding of risk management and disaster preparedness;
    • Relevant degree in Archives, or an equivalent combination of relevant experience.
  2. Management Skills
    • Ability to work autonomously with minimal supervision;
    • Prioritisation of work with ability to manage multiple tasks;
    • Time management;
    • Ability to work flexibility;
    • Lateral thinking and problem solving.
  3. Interpersonal Skills
    • Well-developed written and oral communication skills;
    • Build and maintain positive and productive relationships with various stakeholders.

The role does not require formal qualifications in archiving but candidates with a relevant degree (completed or currently studying) or working knowledge of archival processes is highly desirable. Demonstrated experience in a similar role or self-initiated projects on in some other allied experience, such as a tertiary education that is aligned to this position is needed.

Voluntary position.

Applications close 18 June and should include:

  • A covering letting addressing the Selection Criteria, no more than 2 A4 pages.
  • A current CV, no more than 2 A4 pages.

Please submit your applications to
Amy Hill
Administration Coordinator
Friends of The Australian Ballet

If you have any questions about this position, please contact Amy Hill on the above email or call Friends of The Australian Ballet on 02 9252 7322 Mon – Thurs 9.30am – 4.30pm.