Thomas Gannon

‘I feel a part of something special and that I get to become my own artist’
-Thomas Gannon

Tom Gannon


Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Sydney until I was 14 and then moved to Melbourne to further my ballet training.

What age did you start dancing?
I started dancing at the age of 3 at a small ballet school called North Shore Dance Academy in the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

What’s your first memory of dance?
My first memory of dancing would be when I was 3 and we were doing a version of The Nutcracker and I came on as a little nutcracker soldier and I just remember being so scared but also loving it at the same time.

Favourite ballet/contemporary work?
My favourite ballet would have to be Balanchine’s Jewels or La Sylphide.

Thomas Gannon, courtesy of The Australian Ballet

Favourite dance film/book/podcast?
My favourite dance film is the documentary of the Ballet Russes and the book that I most enjoy reading would be David Hallberg’s book A Body of Work.

Favourite moment on stage?
Favourite moment on stage was last year when I was a graduate of the Australian Ballet School and we were dancing to Balanchine’s Who Cares? for our showcase.

What repertoire/role do you aspire to perform?
The role I aspire to performing would be either the lead man in Emeralds in Balanchine’s Jewels or as Franz in Coppelia.

Who is your dance idol or mentor?
My dance idol would have to be both Lucinda Dunn and David Hallberg.

Do you prefer the classical or contemporary repertoire?
Although I enjoy watching contemporary works, my heart belongs to ballet.

How have you been keeping busy during lockdown?
I have been keeping busy during lockdown by doing schedule class in the morning and then gym work to keep up fitness and then going out and trying to find the little amount of sunshine Melbourne has to offer. I also in the downtime watch movies or do lots of house cleaning.

What are you most looking forward to about being back in the studio?
What I’m most looking forward to is just being in the space again and being able to move and not feel trapped inside a tiny space.

What do you think makes TAB such an incredible company to be a part of?
I really enjoy working at TAB as I feel a part of something special and that I get to become my own artist and explore my artistic qualities that I have.

What is your biggest aspiration for your career?
My biggest aspiration would be to one day reach the title of Principal and be able to do the lead roles in ballet and bring joy to the audiences that come to watch.