New York Dialects


New York Dialects

6 – 24 April // Dress Rehearsal 5 April
Sydney Opera House

A collection of George Balanchine’s game-changing classics, ‘Serenade’ and ‘The Four Temperaments,’ tied together by an unseen work from a 21st century mastermind.

The future is free, flowing and female. The 2021 Season is set to whisk us away with Balanchine’s ‘Serenade,’ which is described to be a “poetry of women in long ice-blue tutus.” Principal Artist Amber Scott is thrilled to be starring alongside the fierce female talents of the company to the tune of Tchaikovsky’s ‘Serenade for Strings in C.’

Hallberg’s Thoughts
“No other ballet has given me more satisfaction as an audience member than Serenade.”

The Four Temperament
Where Serenade implores escapism, Balanchine’s ‘The Four Temperaments’ will ignite the stage. This piece is a hallmark of Balanchine’s innovative neo-classical style, which galvanised modern ballet and sparked evolution within the traditional art form. The technical, stripped-back movements, accompanied by Paul Hindemith’s score, will explore each of the four medieval humours that were believed to govern personality types.

Hallberg’s Thoughts
“The final pose at the end of TFT continues to haunt me.”

Tanowitz: New York
From walking the hallowed halls of the New York City Ballet, The Royal Ballet, and the modern companies of Martha Graham and Paul Taylor, Pam Tanowitz has set her sights on our Opera House.

Tanowitz’ exploration of gender roles using the male talent of The Australian Ballet is set to uproot performance language as we know it. In Hallberg’s first commission at The Australian Ballet, he seeks to express modern, progressive thinking though the stunning language of tradition.

To partner Tanowitz’ exciting creative vision, Pulitzer-Prize winning composer Caroline Shaw will partner her concerto, ‘Watermark,’ to this game-changing commission.

Hallberg’s Thoughts
“Tanowitz is one of our generation’s most intelligent creators: focused, insightful and original, just as Balanchine was.”


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December 2, 2020