Larissa Kiyoto-Ward and Jett Ramsay

Two other dancers also joined the Company in 2020 – Larissa Kiyoto-Ward and Jett Ramsay.

Larissa Kiyoto- Ward

Larissa was born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand; she began dance classes at the age of four. She trained at the Mount Eden Ballet Academy and The Australian Ballet School. Larissa’s passion for dance was sparked by Barbie of Swan Lake, as a younger Larissa wished to have the talent and elegance of Barbie.

Jett Ramsay

Jett Ramsay was born in Sydney and grew up in Port Macquarie, New South Wales. He began dance classes at the age of seven. He trained at Extreme Dance Studios and The Australian Ballet School. He joined The Australian Ballet in 2020.