What to do without your gym equipment? 

As we know, professional dancers rely heavily on access to classes and equipment to maintain their skills and training. As we know, classes and gyms are a thing of the past, so how are our dancer’s moving forward?  


DIY Reformer… #Mum Edition! from Principal Artist Amber Scott 

Principal Artist Amber Scott was missing her Pilates Reformer when she came across fellow dancer Dimity Azoury’s DIY Reformer! A Pilates Reformer is a piece of equipment that looks like a bed with springs for resistance, a sliding bed, ropes and a pulley system. It generally works the dancer’s leg muscles, and enhances the impact of Pilates exercises. By looping a TheraBand between a couch leg and a baby tricycle wheel, Amber ensures she’ll never miss leg day again!

See Amber’s creation here: 



Tarkett Weights from Senior Artist Marcus Morelli 

Winner of both the 2015 and 2019 Telstra People’s Choice Award, Senior Artist Marcus Morelli has discovered a hidden use of his Tarkett mat. To compensate for his lack of weights, Marcus is staying “swole and in control” by improvising and using his Tarkett for weight training! 

See his innovation in practice: 



Company Class: Online Edition! from Chengwu Guo and Marcus Morelli 

As you may know, the Company is running online classes to maintain their fitness. 

On Thursdays, the Company runs themed classes, where the dancers dress up in theme! Their #Superhero themed week had all sorts at the barre, from Spiderman to Luffy from Attack on Titans!  From homemade pasta classes, to superhero-themed barres, the Company is definitely keeping busy! 

See @chengwuguo and @marcusmorelli ‘s costumes below!

Chengwu Guo as Luffy from Attack on Titans
Sourced from @guochengwu












Stay tuned for some more training updates!